Climate Crusades 10am-2pm

{ages 6-13}


The Climate Crusades a program designed to inspire kids to become environmental superheroes in class and at home. Ready-to-use resources on climate change, energy, Access Climate Science Educational Resources for Young People -The climate change lesson plan provides teachers and students with the opportunity to investigate the impact climate change is having on the environment through individual or classroom activities.


 Power Smoothies 9am-11am

{Free smoothies for the community}


These “Power Smoothies” are a blend of fruits, juices, non dairy milks, and supplements. This way we are able to get the proper nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are of necessity for anyone's health. Especially!, in a pandemic. We load people with things like fresh farmed spinach and Kale as well as things like sea moss. 


Teen Constructs 9am-3:30pm

{Learning Construction}


Teens will be learning some of the basics of the trades. Having                                   exposure to the work and learning the safety protocols of construction. Working alongside trades professionals and instructors the teens will be working on the betterment of their community. Helping to do work that is beneficial to the beautification as well as the needs of their community while experiencing the empowerment of building and finishing projects in a team dynamic.


Gardening 10am-2pm{all ages}

(Climate Crusades)

Participants will have hands-on experience in the community garden where each student will grow their own little piece of agricultural masterpieces. Here they will study and research their plants and observe the growth and development of said plants. Watching how the weather affects them and getting a hands-on understanding of the importance of plant life and human sustainability and the relation between the two.

Students learn about the impacts of climate change agriculture. ... In this lesson, students will investigate the potential of climatic change to ... Summarize the conditions that contribute to the climate of a geographic area, ... Analyze geographic information from a variety of sources including primary sources


BIPOC MARKET  program is designed to help uplift the disenfranchised and marginalized black, latin, and indigenous people of Ithaca into business ownership. Ithaca has a drastic void of black, latin, and indigenous businesses and we are hoping to begin to help close the gap. The market will be based more relatively closer to the culture that has grown in our diaspora and to the present times. Incorporating music and performances, poetry to speeches. This will be a place of creativity as well as business.