Black Hands Universal 
Goals & Work Initiatives 

Purchase land and building –

We are working to secure a space where we can develop our initiatives, expand our platform, and offer resources to our community. This building will house our workspace, trade school, other businesses(food) and eventually a rehabilitative space for individuals struggling with substance abuse.  

Establish Trade School – 

Our trade school provides access to training in construction related fields, as well as access to union positions for disenfranchised people. Full inclusion in unionized labor will help to redistribute economic resources more equitably throughout our community.

Financial Literacy –

We seek to empower marginalized people by providing financial literacy education and resources. This education goes beyond basic information about sound saving and investment strategies. We instill an entrepreneurial mindset in the individuals we work with.

Substance Abuse –

In order to effectively address substance abuse in our community, we must approach addiction as an illness, rather than a crime. Black Hands Universal treats addicted individuals with compassion, providing them access to rehabilitative programs and employment opportunities. 

Mental Health –

Providing accessible mental health care is crucial to breaking the cycle of inequity both in and outside of the criminal justice system.  Rather than only intervening after a mentally ill individual has become incarcerated, we seek to identify risk factors early in order to both support our community and decrease our incarcerated populations.

  • We are deeply committed to policies aimed at reducing racial bias and improving the criminal justice system.


  • Our goal is to create a future in which everyone has access to fair credit, livable wages, and health insurance. More broadly, our plan focuses on providing educational resources to increase financial literacy in our community. 


  • Ability to educate citizens, residents, and legislators about the costs and consequences of criminal justice system.


  • We want to proactively address circumstances that unfairly hold Black people back and create equitable solutions that move us all forward.


  • We intend on having an anti-racist agenda.



Part of an anti-violence & Youth Mental Health Awareness Project

( Health & Wellness Branch)

Music, dance, poetry, photography, videography, and art are very significant facets of black, brown, and indigenous peoples culture. Music has been one of the greatest ways in which our youth have always been able to flush out their internal thoughts, feelings, and emotions externally. This program will allow such youth who have suffered so much in their growth and development to  thrive despite  a system that has been created to ruin them. Also, the mental stress and anguish which we all share due to this pandemic. The program will give them the space to express themselves through the arts of music, painting, dance, poetry, and other innovative mediums. The need for a therapeutic environment that will cultivate mental health in the form of release is great and this work will keep  them focused and busy doing productive activities. We plan to create a team and community environment. A cultural and artistic institute for older children, teens, and young adults.

Vision:  Hands That Heal
Collaboration with Black Hands Universal



Black Hands Universal is calling upon community members and organizations to support, collaborate and invest in disenfranchised people. We are an established 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on bringing equity to those who have been marginalized by the criminal justice system and disrupting the systems of power that enable this injustice. 

Pre- Apprenticeship



In collaboration with My Brothers Keeper Ithaca (MBKI), local unions of the Northeastern Region, City of Ithaca, TC3, and a number of local organizations we are in the process of creating a program that will help create opportunities for black and brown people to have careers in the trades. This will be designed as a pre-apprenticeship program (BPP), the many components of the  program are designed to give participants everything that is needed to create a life that is uplifting for themselves and their families. BPP will also address the incredible disparity in  unemployment rates for Black and Brown people and increase diversity and the various local trade unions.

BPP will be designed to be a one stop shop that will cover everything from: help with documentation such as social security cards, I.D. 's, birth records, to drivers licenses. During the pre apprenticeship program the participants will also be involved in bank classes, credit classes, home buying education, as well as business classes. G.E.D.’s/TASCs will also be available for those that need them in order to be in certain trades that make it a prerequisite to being in that specific trade. All participants will also receive tutoring to help them with the aptitude test given to anyone entering the trades. This will allow those that are involved to have an overall understanding of how to function at a higher level in life and give them the upward mobility they need.