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8am-8:30am       Breakfast                  Breakfast                 Breakfast                        Breakfast               Breakfast

8:30am-12am     Distance                    Distance                  Distance                         Distance                Distance

                           Learning                    Learning                  Learning                         Learning                Learning


12pm-12:45pm   Lunch                         Lunch                      Lunch                             Lunch                     Lunch

12:45am-2pm     Additional                   Additional                Additional                       Additional               Additional

                           Learning                     Learning                  Learning                        Learning                 Learning      


2pm-2:30pm      Conversation              Conversation           Conversation                 Conversation           Conversation

                          Circle/free time           Circle/free time        Circle/free time              Circle/free time        Circle/free time

Staff & Volunteers:

Harry Smith  ( Founder and CEO of Black Hands Universal)

Dr. Nia Nunn  ( Ithaca College Professor, Southside Center Chair, Child Psychologist) Director of BHU

Harmony Malone  ( Childrens Psychology Major & Renouned dance and motion Instructor, Director of BHU

Gianna Partee (children mentoring,counseling, & tutoring)

Kaylee Conley  (Psychology Major)

Marina Howarth  (Discover Cayuga Lake Science Educator)

Janna Edelman  (Meditation,Energy,& yoga consultant)

Maryam Adib  (Renouned artist and art teacher)

Adamina Smith  ( Owner of babysitting& daycare Company)

Abigail Prisole 

Terrence Johnson

Gideon Casper  (Director @ BHU)

Jerome Cornet (Chef, Yoga Instructor, Life coach)


1) Temperature checks and questionnaire will be performed on any and all people wishing to enter the building

2) Hands must be sanitized at the door where sanitizer will be readily available

3) Staff and students will all wash their hands periodically throughout the day

4) All surfaces will be disinfected and wiped down periodically throughout the day

5) Mask will be worn at all times and will be provided for individuals


   If your child is enrolled in ICSD please bring their Chrome books and syllabus.

   If your child has supplies please bring them with your child and if not please let us know and we will provide


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